Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Farmers Guild BarnRaiser

Founded by farmers for farmers, The Farmers Guild works to establish a network of social and professional hubs across California. The Guild is where farmers connect, collaborate and find the resources they need to thrive within local food webs, which stimulates stronger local economies, creates social equity and sustains our natural resources.

Visit the campaign on BarnRaiser to contribute today:

Farmers Guild BarnRaiser Page

Donations can be as little as 5 dollars or over 5,000 with generous incentives ranging from an honorable mention on the Farmers Guild website, to a whole hog roast, in your backyard, for you and 40 of your friends for an evening of agrarian revelry that you'll never forget.  

Farmers Guild BarnRaiser Goals

With $15,000

We officially launch the Farmers Guild, and build a stronger community of Free Farmers in each of our Guilds!  Our Farmers will get the connections, resources and services they need to thrive, including access to the Farmers Guild Scholarship Fund. We’ll be able to bring news, resources, and provide continued organizational assistance to each of the 7                                                                                                            existing Guilds.

With $20,000

We produce and distribute a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide and “welcome package” that provides each guild with the information, training and resources needed to assure that their own local guild thrives, stays connected the wider Network and serves its members.

With $25,000

We throw our annual Guild Raising event in 2015! You can make it possible for all of the Guilds to come together to celebrate local food, extend their community even wider, and proudly represent their own Guild among many.  

With $30,000

We help launch three to five new Guilds! With a waiting list of communities ready to get started with their own Guild, we need the time and resources to make that a reality! Join us!

Join in and help these farmers out. Visit thier BarnRaiser pledge drive at: https://www.barnraiser.us/projects/the-farmers-guild-building-a-community-of-free-farmers-one-guild-at-a-time

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