Sunday, June 29, 2014

Seals and Sea Lions at Goat Rock

The Russian River, with its mouth at the north end of Goat Rock Beach, is Sonoma County's largest watercourse, both in flow rate and lineal extent. Immediately beyond the Russian River discharge to the Pacific Ocean is the coastal town of Jenner. Goat Rock protrudes into the Pacific at the south end of Goat Rock Beach. There are three distinct habitats present at Goat Rock Beach, including marine, littoral zone and coastal prairie. The marine environment presents gray whales, harbor seals and California sea lions as well as a multitude of fish species.

This video was shot and edited for the Youtube Channel SonomaCountyWire, an online video magazine dedicated to the Art, the Business, the fun things to do in Sonoma County. If you've visited Sonoma County without seeing some seals, you've done something wrong. When you do see them, keep your distance, especially when the little pups are finding their flippers. The adult seals are very shy and they will leave their babies if you bother them. Please be respectful of all our beautiful nature.

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